D3luxe Website Release

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Matthew B

29th Sep 2022

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D3luxe has been working hard behind the scenes on various projects, however, we are happy to introduce our official D3luxe website!

At D3luxe, we have been working hard in the background on a range of projects throughout the last year, but this work doesn’t always get shown to the public. However, we have now reached a stage that allows us to spend more time engaging with the community and showcasing our progress in applicable methods.

To facilitate public engagement, we are happy to release our website to the public!


We are often progressing on multiple projects at a single time which can cause some confusion to newcomers, therefore, we have introduced a “Projects” page which will allow us to list all applicable projects with their own individual pages full of information for people to read.


A major reason for D3luxe to push the release of our website is to facilitate public communications which can best be accomplished through Blogs & Articles. This system will allow for the team at D3luxe, to share news and information to the public in a single location.

Team & Careers

To accomplish our goals, we are operating a team of talented individuals to assist with the construction of D3luxe and its projects. For information, we have constructed a “Team” page which will allow the public to view all of our official team members, alongside some information about them. For recruitment, we have constructed a “Careers” page which allows individuals to view our vacant positions with full details, alongside the option to apply for that position straight through our site.


We believe that these pages play a vital role in managing and improving our team throughout the near and long term, however, don’t be discouraged if these pages seem bare at times since we are often working alongside a large number of freelancers to produce the highest quality of work.


To conclude, we believe the launch of our website will play a vital role in our goals to be both transparent and communicative. Without sacrificing user experience and information to be showcased in an unappealing manner. We will be working hard alongside our community to absorb any given feedback to improve our site throughout the foreseeable future.